Big T Photography


Hi, my name is Terry Walters and I'm a keen amateur photographer living in Swindon, Wiltshire and have been an active camera club photographer for many years, involved in both running a club and helping encourage the enjoyment of photography by coaching others. This is where I got a taste for competition photography which drives me to go out and look for that different image, or sometimes just the classic image that all photographers want in their portfolio. In the last few years I looked to up my game and have had just under 300 images accepted in over 50 international salons in 25 different countries around the world, gaining EFIAP* accreditation.

Although I have never specialised in any particular genre, I do enjoy portraiture. I moved to street photography a number of years ago, but now have returned to more structured studio and location portraiture. Of course this doesn't exclude me from creating other types of images as shown here, and I'm always interested in exploring a location to find the unusual, usually straying off the beaten path.

I am a Photoshop user so don't expect everything you see to be as it was in real life, some images are manipulated to say what I want them to say, others just because it improves the image (in my opinion, not necessarily yours), and others are presented as taken except for simple post processing.

*EFIAP (Excellence FIAP). FIAP is the International Federation of Photographic Art that oversees international competitions (salons) and is made up of representatives from the national bodies of affiliated countries.